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Labeling & Barcode Products

Thermal Transfer Labels and Direct Thermal Labels

Numeridex brand thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels are ideal for any application where sharp, crisp print quality is a must. Our thermal transfer labels are suitable for a wide range of uses such as barcoding, shipping labels, price tags and inventory tracking. Choose from fan-folded or rolled, perforated or non-perforated, wound-in or wound-out label rolls  depending on the type of printer you use.  Available substrates include: paper, semi-gloss, high-gloss, polyester, kimdura, polypropylene, kapton, clear and others. Thermal transfer and direct thermal labels are available with permanent, removable, repositionable, aggressive, all temp, cold temp, and opaque adhesives.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Numeridex brand thermal transfer ribbons yield deep, dark barcodes, text and graphics. Prints on a wide range of stocks including coated and uncoated paper tags and labels, polyethylene, polyester, kimdura and polypropylene. Available in a variety of colors in the following formulations:
Wax thermal transfer ribbons, for printing on paper and tag stock.
Wax/Resin thermal transfer ribbons, for printing on kimdura, polyolefin and polypropylene.
Resin thermal transfer ribbons, for printing on polyester, polyethylene and vinyl.

Label and Barcode Printers

We offer Zebra, Datamax-O'Neil, Intermec, Sato, Printronix,  and other popular printers. Many of these printers are available in Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer or both. Whether you are a small user or an industrial user, Numeridex will help you select the correct barcode printer for your application.

Custom Printed Labels

Our printing process allows you to create even the most complex label, including UV ink, water based ink, four color process, spot colors, foil, embossing, and more. We have extensive experience in label printing for the following applications: inventory control, barcoding, consecutive numbering, warehouse marking, product identification, packaging, food and beverage labeling, point of purchase and brand recognition.

Stock Pre-Printed Labels

Call attention to your shipments with informational stock pre-printed labels in the following categories: international safe handling, hazardous waste, anti-static labels, pallet corner and protection labels, production, special handling, fragile, rush and arrow.

Laser Labels and EDP Labels

Our Laser Labels are compatible with most laser, copier and inkjet printers. These labels are manufactured with premium paper stock which anchors toner for a crisp, no-smudge text and vivid images, always with worry-free performance.
Our EDP labels have been the standard of the industry for over forty years.

Label  and Barcode Software

Whether you need to design and print barcode, compliance or RFID labels, Numeridex has the label software to satisfy your requirements. We offer the complete line of Teklynx, as well as Zebra label software.

CAD and Plotter Supplies

Monochrome CAD Media

Numeridex media is designed specifically for CAD and engineering applications. Our broad product selection ensures a product for all your imaging needs. Numeridex CAD media is compatible with even the fastest inkjet plotters on the market today.
Available in the following formulations:
20lb Monochrome Inkjet Bond, 18lb Translucent Inkjet Bond, 15lb Translucent Inkjet Bond, 24lb Monochrome Inkjet Bond, 17lb Monochrome Inkjet Vellum, 20lb Monochrome Inkjet Vellum, 3mil Monochrome Inkjet Film, 4mil Monochrome Inkjet Film. 

Color CAD Media
Numeridex color CAD media is designed specifically for CAD and engineering applications. Our broad selection ensures a product for all your imaging needs.
Available in the following formulations:
20lb Inkjet Plotter Bond, 24lb Inkjet Plotter Ultra Bond, 15lb Inkjet Plotter Translucent, Bond, 18lb Inkjet Plotter Translucent Bond, 20lb Inkjet Plotter Vellum

Color Azon Media
Indoor formulations: Azon 717 - 24lb water resistant color paper, Azon 747 - 27lb premium color paper, Azon 746 - 45lb premium color bond, Azon 749 - 36lb economy heavy weight color bond, Azon 755 - 36lb alternative photo base, Azon 758N - 43lb glossy photographic. Azon 756N - 43lb semi-matte photographic. Azon 727 - Glossy canvas, Azon 728 - Matte canvas. Azon 770N -8mil glossy adhesive backed vinyl, Azon 768G - 8mil micro-porous photographic glossy, Azon 777 - 5.7mil view thru film, Azon 787 - 4mil clear film, Azon 797N - 4mil white opaque film.
Outdoor formulations: Azon 810 - 10mil polyethylene banner, Azon 830 - 10mil water resistant reinforced poster paper, Azon 850 - 5mil adhesive backed matte vinyl.

Inkjet HP Media

HP wide format inkjet papers and films are available in the following formulations:
18lb HP Translucent Bond, 21lb HP Basic Bond, 24lb HP Bright White Paper, 24lb HP Special Inkjet Paper, 26lb HP Coated Paper, 26lb HP Basic Coated Paper, 32lb HP Basic Coated Paper, 35lb HP Heavy Weight Coated Paper, 42lb HP Semi-Gloss Photo Paper, 42lb HP High-Gloss Photo Paper, 7mil HP Satin Photo Paper, 7mil HP Basic Semi-Gloss Photo Paper, 7mil HP Glossy Photo Paper, 7mil HP Basic High-Gloss Photo Paper, 20lb HP Vellum, 5mil HP Clear Film, 5mil HP Matte Film, 6mil HP Adhesive Backed Vinyl

Engineering Copier Media

True Xerographic, Laser and LED quality, designed specifically for engineering copiers.
Choose from 20lb opaque bond, 24lb presentation bond, 18lb translucent bond, 17lb and 20lb vellum, 3mil and 4mil films.
Numeridex offers toner cartridges for all major brands including Xerox, Oce and KIP.

Blueprint Papers

Numeridex Blueprint Media is a market leader. This diazo reproduction media produces excellent line density, image contrast, and dark, crisp lines. The most popular method of reproduction uses ammonia as a developer and is also known as the dry system. This material has a yellow color prior to processing. Numeridex Blueline is a 20lb opaque based material to ensure best reproduction results. Available in Fast and Extra Fast speeds. Blueprint papers are also known as blueline, reprographic and diazo. Blueprinting is widely used in the architectural and construction fields. Numeridex blueprint media is available in two speeds to provide optimum results under varying conditions.

Inkjet and Laser Cartridges

Numeridex carries an extensive line of OEM cartridges including Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, and others.
Additionally, the Numeridex Compatible Line of Laser and Inkjet cartridges provide equal or better results than the OEM brands, but at huge savings.

Pens for Pen Plotters

Numeridex carries a complete line of:
Disposable liquid ink plotter pens, Fiber tip plotter pens, Rollerball plotter pens.
Our plotter pens are compatible with your Hewlett-Packard, Houston Instrument, CalComp, Encad, Mutoh, Roland, and many other plotters.

Papers for Pen Plotters

Numeridex media is designed specifically for CAD and engineering applications. Our broad product selection ensures a product for all your imaging needs. Numeridex CAD media is compatible with even the fastest pen plotters on the market today.
Available in the following formulations:
20lb Pen Plotter Bond, 18lb Pen Plotter Translucent Bond, 15lb Pen Plotter Translucent, Bond, 24lb Pen Plotter Bond, 17lb Pen Plotter Vellum, 20lb Pen Plotter Vellum, 3mil Pen Plotter Film, 4mil Pen Plotter Film


Numeridex applique film saves you time and money when reproducing repetitive details, title blocks, symbols or standard notations.
Available in translucent matte, clear, and opaque white film.
For use in plain paper copiers, laser and inkjet printers


Cup Dispensing Products

Cup Dispensers

Numeridex features the Dispense-Rite line of cup dispensers. Dispense-Rite quality cup dispensers have been installed in tens of thousands of locations around the world, dispensing billions of cups year after year. We are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction through product excellence, personal attention and prompt service. The professional assistance of a Numeridex representative will ensure that you fully satisfy your cup dispenser requirements. Numeridex stocks the largest selection of cup dispensers, as well as a complete selection of dispensing products for lids, straws, condiments, and napkins. Many of our cup dispensers are NSF listed.


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