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Numeridex Inc.
Your #1 Source for Barcode Products
Labels. Ribbons. Printers.


Numeridex was established in 1965 as a partnership in Chicago and became incorporated as an Illinois Corporation a year later. Originally concentrated in the manufacturing of metal cabinets used for the storage of NC (numerically controlled) polyester control tape, and later expanded its product line to include NC control tape, becoming one of the largest distributors of this product...


Our mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective label solutions and exceptional customer service to our client base. Numeridex Inc. has invested heavily in personnel, proprietary technology...


  • Quality Products

  •  Blanket Agreements 

  • Stock Labels & Ribbons​

  • Custom Labels​

  • RFID Labels & Tags​

  • Courier Service​

  • Free Label & Ribbon Samples​

  • Same Day Shipments Placed Before 4pm​

  • Blind Shipments

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